Thursday 13 May 2021

How to select a storage unit for antiques


Antiques are usually either passed down from generation or bought for a price costing a fortune. No matter how the antique was acquired, it's important how we preserve its value as they need to be stored properly. 

A self-storage unit is a great place to store antique furniture items, and several things need to be considered when choosing the right self-storage facility for properly storing antique furniture.

1. Temperature control within the storage unit is essential. When making a comparison between facilities, ask about the availability of climate control. Climate control uses central air and heat to maintain a temperature that perfects for the items stored in the unit. Some antiques are made with natural colours, which may be damaged if not stored at the required temperature.

2. Accessibility is important when choosing a facility as well. 

The main precaution to be taken while carrying an antique is the physical damage that can be caused. I will not only reduce the beauty as well as the value. So make sure you hire a professional and reputed company to drop the item at the unit. When storing antique furniture in an indoor storage facility, it is best to rent a unit on the ground floor. If the unit is on an upper level, the use of an elevator can reduce the possibility of the antique item becoming scratched or dented. 

3. Security is a must when we think of storing an antique. Self-storage offers facilities that offer greater protection than storage in the home as it has 24 X 7 security with guards and CCTV, alarms, fences, and other safety devices installed.

4. Insurance is provided with an extra cost, we suggest you get one to double secure it from burglary, fire, smoke, and various natural disasters.


Fragile items such as antique furniture with mirrors and large framed pictures should be wrapped carefully with protective wrappings, such as bubble wrap. Blankets, sheets, or felt can also be used to protect these antique furniture items from being damaged while in storage.


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