Thursday 22 October 2020

Top summer storage tips for students heading home!


Do you know what brings more joy in students than a recess bell? The announcement of the summer holidays! If you’re one of them maybe you don’t want to cart all your stuff with you. Or maybe you want to. In any case, our summer storage tips will help you store things easily and affordably. If you’re a parent you can add these tips to your bunch of storage hacks and impress your kids! Let’s delve.

Sort out your things

In retrospect, we would all agree that each of us needs only so many things, rest is just extra baggage, the weight of which is overwhelming at times. Time to let it loose and experience the joys of minimal, responsible living. The earlier, the better.

So, the first step to prepping for student summer storage is the act of tidying and organising things by separating them into categories. For example, you can place things in these two categories – things I need, things I don’t need. In this way when you’re done sorting, you will have far fewer items to pack for summer storage. And the money you would have had to spend on expensive storage spaces for things you don’t even need will be saved for movies, treats, or summer camps! What to do with things you don’t need? Donate them, throw them away, or give them to your friends or relatives who need it.

Safety tip – When storing in storage units, don’t store lethal items like paint, gasoline, and weapons. Avoid keeping food and plants too as they will invite vermin.

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Now read on to learn a few packing etiquettes that will ensure your items remain intact, tidy, and secure.

1.       Pack and horizontally place your books. Pop them into a sturdy box; opt for a smaller box always. When you store books in a vertical position, it can hurt and warp the spines of your books.

2.       Place your clothes in clear plastic boxes or new cardboard ones. Don’t store in grocery containers as they can still retain food residue or stains which can ruin your outfits.

3.       Wrap items like glasses, dishes, and plates with bubble rolls. If it’s paper then use plain sheets. Don’t make use of newspapers especially for precious items as they have a nasty habit of leaving behind a print mark on the items they come in contact with.

4.       Arrange hefty items near the base of the box. The lighter objects should take the middle or top portion of the box.

5.       Last but not least, after the boxes are packed, seal them with packing tape before you pop them in for storage.


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