Thursday 17 September 2020

Getting It Right From The Get-Go: 5 Easy Tips For Storing Exercise Equipment


We all know that a gym or exercise equipment is not cheap. You may have had the best intentions to install your own in-house gym and use it consistently. But, with time, priorities might have changed. Whether you are considering downsizing to a one-room apartment or tucking things away into a storage unit to make room for a newborn, our tips for storing will do you and your valued exercise equipment a solid. Let’s delve.

Get equipment that folds and bends

A crucial aspect to look into when buying exercise equipment is to check whether it folds or can be maneuvered easily. For instance, you like the looks of that gym rebounder, but if it’s not foldable and doesn’t have a designated area in your house, where will you store it? It makes sense to get flexible exercise equipment, as much as possible. You can easily store them behind doors, furniture or under your bed!

Invest in sleek pull-up bars

A pull-up bar is a great piece of exercise equipment for your home gym. It takes very less space. You can simply hang it from your doorway. You can use it for a variety of workouts involving your abs, limbs, arms, and so on.

The rear of the door

Our eyes are at the front, therefore, we often tend to miss what’s at the back. Consider the ample area behind the door. We recommend using that space for storing exercise equipment.

Pro tip – Hinge an over-the-door hanger to let your washed yoga mats and flex bands hang dry. It will prevent them from getting tangled inside drawers or baskets.

Get multi-purpose furniture

When you don’t have any more wall space and floor space to use, it’s time to get creative with your tables and chairs. For instance, getting an ottoman will solve two purposes – sitting and storing exercise equipment. You can store gym bungees, bands and weights inside the ottoman while you use it as a chair.

Think high as well as low

Don’t look at the floor as your only storage medium for storing exercise equipment. Look up. There’s so much space over ceiling and walls that can become your storage hubs with a little help from mounting hooks, racks and pulleys!

Tuck seasonal things away in self-storage units

Move exercise equipment you pull out only during specific times of the year into storage units. It’s the best way to free up space in your house!

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