Tuesday 24 July 2018

Storage Hacks for a Studio Apartment

The chances of making the decision to live in a studio apartment are surprisingly high, given the skyrocketing rent costs in big cities. Living in one is the ultimate test of learning to utilize space cleverly. Yes, limited space does create issues but if approached with a minimalistic view in mind one can definitely make this small space work wonders!

These storage ideas will make you realize the potential your space actually holds for blossoming into a warm and cozy place to dwell in.

1. Due to the lack of floor space, go vertical!

To make your apartment look clutter free, your best bet would be to utilize the maximum amount of space vertically. Mounting shelves on the wall is the most common as well as a productive method of storing in a restricted space. Not only will this clear your floor of any added storage, but will give an added appeal and aesthetic to the whole space.

2. Your bed’s headboard is your lifesaver!

Choose a headboard which would double up as a smart storage one, with storage shelves for ideally books or just to keep a mug of coffee on. It is always going to be useful and be your go-to option for stacking things up. Another smart way to step up your bed storage game would be to go for a bed with closed drawers at the bottom as they can store anything and everything.

3. Opt for sleek and small furniture

Buying less bulky, multi-functional furniture with lids is a genius hack to utilize less space and at the same time, store a multitude of things. A TV stand with concealed drawers or shelves can help to stack away almost anything. Cute seat with built-in storage or a small coffee table with drawers works wonders as well.

Don’t let a mere lack of space discourage you from exploring the possibilities in the space you do have! The real deal is to deal with the area intelligently and be as sleek and minimal as possible. Your studio apartment can look vibrant, inviting, homely and spacious if done up the right way using these hacks


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