Monday 23 April 2018

Storage Ideas For A Dorm Room

Space is a constraint in any dorm room and therefore, having enough of it is considered a luxury. Many students find it difficult to fit all their belongings into the limited area available to them. Making the most of the available space is key to maximizing the storage space. Here are a few tips to organize the spaces in a dorm room.

1- Floating cabinets

Mount these on walls and use them to display your books and other items, making them easily accessible. Look for storage facilities in Dubai for different floating cabinets.

2- Maximizing wardrobe space

Use portable hanging organizers to get the most out of your wardrobe space. These can be detached and folded effortlessly and can store a variety of items like clothes, accessories, makeup, toiletries or even your shoes. Ensure your clothes are neatly folded or use hangers to hang them inside the wardrobe.

3- Shoe racks

Invest in one of these to keep your footwear organized. This will also help keep them clean and well maintained.

4- Be organized

Have a designated space for everything you own, including bags, laundry and notebooks. Categorize them and it will be easier to find them as well. Things you do not use often can be stored away in boxes or suitcases and stashed under the bed or over the cupboard.

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