Tuesday 20 April 2021

What Items Can Be Stored In A Storage Unit


Relocating to a new home or change in city or maybe temporary shutting down offices etc.


A person may have many reasons for looking out for storage facilities. When moving out, list out items that are already damaged, and get rid of them or recycle them. Then one should list things that can be sold off or donated.


Once you’ve sorted out your things, you may still be left with items that you can’t possibly fit in or may not be immediately required in the new home. Especially when you’re downsizing – that is, moving into a smaller home.


This option of a storage unit is also suggested to people planning for home renovation and reconstruction.


In all those cases, renting a storage unit is the best option to keep the things you don’t need at the moment, but still wish to hold on to for the time being.


Let’s now see what to put in storage when moving:



Without a doubt, furniture is one of the most common items in storage units. Why? Most furniture pieces are rather bulky and they tend to take a lot of space.

Also, not all the furniture you have may be required, only because the new house is fully furnished. But the furniture can be preserved for future use.

Furniture items most commonly found in storage units include:

Beds, Mattresses protected in plastic mattress bags, Tables and chairs, delicate dining set;


When placing any furniture in storage the parts to be disassembling, for proper utilization of space. Also, make sure all furniture items are clean and 100% dry to prevent the growth of mould.

Seasonal items

Seasonal items such like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. are some of the most frequent items people place in storage when moving simply because they won’t need them until the next season.

For example, your winter clothes and heavy boots can be comfortably stored away during a summer move.

Holiday decorations.

Many of the decorations for holidays like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc are required only once or twice a year. You can store away such decorations until you need them again.


Large household appliances

The stove, Dish Washer, coolers, air conditioners, and refrigerators are big and heavy. So you may not have enough space for them if you are shutting an office or moving into a new home, then it makes sense to store away some of your large appliances until you come to need them again.



Many people are fond of luxury cars, High-end bikes, bicycles, etc. Due to space constraints and parking issues they may not be able to store those automobiles in their garage. In such 

cases these storage units being customized, secured and easily accessible are a simpler option for storage.


Files and documents


May it is a file or cloud storage equipment requiring a temperature control feature, all have one great solution, the storage unit. The service is available 24*7 gives your easy access to the stored items. It is very feasible for companies like property dealers, companies with storage in form of hard disk, floppy, etc., advocates, hospitals, etc.



Collectibles and artwork pieces


Antique and art pieces have a very lovely bond and memories attached to them. They need to preserve as some such pieces are not only costly but also limited additions. These items need proper temperature control, safety, and cleanliness. They cannot be sifted along with everywhere easily, as they need proper packaging. So its best to store them in a storage unit.


The best storage facilities in the country are super-safe as they offer 24-hour surveillance and other modern security features.


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