Tuesday 20 June 2017

Storage & Moving Hacks: Furniture Storage

Do you have excess furniture? Is it taking up a lot of space in your house or office thus hampering the possibility to bring in the necessary new items? Here are some easy tips to make space for furniture so that you can make space for other necessary items.

Tips for storage and handling of furniture

• It is possible to elevate certain furniture by placing ledges or boards under them. This achieves two things, first, it makes room for little things that can be under and secondly, furniture is protected from deluge of water during cleaning, etc.

• Increase the furniture’s life by covering it with cotton fabric that keeps the dust away

• Disassemble furniture units when not in use wherever possible

• Use bubble wrap to safeguard the corners of your furniture items

Taking help from storage companies for furniture storage is another great way to get rid storage issues. Just ensure that the storage company’s storage facilities have all the security equipment from strong walls and doors to wireless door alarms and cameras. Also make sure that your storage company provides climate controlled storage units.

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Image source: storage.co.uk


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