Wednesday 19 February 2014

Tips to Store Your Books in a Storage Unit - Set Up Your Own Library

Avid book readers generally have a huge collection of books at their place. However, it becomes extremely
difficult to organize the books at home due to less space. That’s when an efficient self storage unit will do the job comfortably for you. Mentioned below are a few tips for storing books in a storage unit.

Clean up the books thoroughly – If your books are historic, literally, then there are good chances of dust being accumulated in them. Therefore, you need to take a rag and rub off the dust on your paperbacks. Don’t forget to take away any of the bookmarks, stapler pins and other such things attached to the books. Ensure that the rag you’re using is not damp in any way as even little moisture left on the books will invite infestation by microbes.

Do not pack them up with other household items – You need to keep the books separately in a different box and not mix them with other fragile things such as glassware or antique pieces. Do not use cardboard boxes that are too heavy as they are very difficult to carry and stand more chances of getting torn apart. Remember to seal the boxes optimally as any mistake on this front will cause the boxes to open up from the edges, thereby damaging the books in every way.

Label the books – Though it may look like a tough job to do, labeling all the books properly will help you to organize them in a better way. Tomorrow, if there’s any sort of problem or theft or fire, you will have the complete inventory list to make an insurance claim for your loss. Moreover, the entire experience of hunting down a particular book will become simpler as the paperbacks are arranged systematically with labels in place.

Select a proper storage unit – You have to make sure that the storage unit you’re opting for is climate controlled and has all the security features in place. Keep the boxes one above the other but don’t keep on extending the height of the stacked boxes as they are likely to fall in that case. Keep the boxes with heavier books at the bottom and let the lighter ones rest above. Ensure that there are no chances of moisture entering the unit in any case. Even little moisture has the capacity to damage your entire collection.

Keep the above tips in mind and store your huge collection in its best form. Happy Reading!


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