Thursday 9 January 2014

Self storage to the rescue

Here  are some times when self storage comes to the rescue when we are struggling for storage space. In many cases we struggle to find space at  our home to store items:

  • Students on summer break : It is quite difficult for students who live in dorms and want to visit some place or their home to move with books and other paraphernalia. Self storage means they can leave it where their university is located, and easily retrieve it when it’s time to start the new term.
  • Urgent home Moving : Moving house can sometimes not go quite as planned. All follow Murphy's Law. If something bad is to happen it will happen. Self Storage can be a time saving solution which will help you in moving your belongings to your new house in a very systematic manner.
  • Worried about redecoration : Householders who are worried about spoiling their expensive sofa, or scratching their valuable antiques while the architects have their merry way with hammers and paint. We have found a simple solution which is affordable self storage.
  • Time out for travelling : Worried about your precious belongings When an opportunity to travel the world arises. However, self storage can provide a safe home for everything while you go out and explore the world.
  • Bursting businesses : In a city like UAE where the real estate prices are always on the rise, many businesses do not have the surrounding space to expand their premises, so when the business grows, self storage steps in as an additional stock room or document archive.


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